Dreidel I Shall Play

Composer Samuel E. Goldfarb                      Buy the CD  

1. I Have a Little Dreidel – from the original 1927 recording
2. I Have a Little Dreidel – Craig Taubman
3. Little Candle Fires – Theodore Bikel
4. I’d Like to Be a Maccabee – Craig Taubman
5. Shalom Aleichem – Laurence Juber
6. Little Jewish Cousins – Vocals by Matt Davis, Mike Stein, Madison Greer, Hide Matsua, Duvid Swirsky
7. I Love the Day of Purim – Rena Strober
8. A Merry Purim Song – Daniel Cainer
9. Burning Bush – Barbershop Quartet
10. Ten Commandments – Rick Recht
11. Noah’s Ark – Saul Kaye & Elana Jagoda
12. B’sefer Chayim – Neshama Carlebach & Josh Nelson
13. V’ychulu – Cantor Nate Lamm
14. Magen Avot – Cantor Marcus Feldman
15. Yah Ribon Olam – Cantor Alberto Mizrahi
16. V’shamru – Cantor Marcus Feldman

A joyous and eclectic collection of early Jewish American holiday and liturgical songs composed in the 1920s, recovered by the composer’s son, and arranged and performed in a variety of styles by talented musicians from the United States, Europe and Israel. Jewish family music for the 21st century.


Executive Producer – Myron Gordon, Scott Christianson
Produced by – Craig Taubman
Arrangements by – Craig Taubman & James Fuchs
Additional Arrangements – A Merry Purim Song – Daniel Cainer
Burning Bush – Kelly Shephard
Shalom Aleichem – Laurence Juber
Recorded at Studio City Sound & Pico Union Project by Andrew Schwartz,
Steve Velenzuela & Tom Weir
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Weir
Background Vocals – Duvid Swirsky, Madison Greer & Craig Taubman
Piano, Rhodes Keyboard and Organ – James Fuchs
Electric Guitars – Laurence Juber, Rob Math & James Fuchs
Acoustic Guitars – Laurence Juber Craig Taubman & James Fuchs
Drums and Percussion – Jeff Stern
Drums – MB Gordy
Bass – Dominic Genova
Saxophone – Chazzy Green & Leo Chelyapov
Clarinet – Melodica & Duduk Leo Chelyapov
Trombone – Eric Jorgensen
Banjo, Balalika & Oud – Duvid Swirsky
Cymbals, Bells, Whistles & Pixie Dust – Tom Weir
Harmonica – Howard Levy
Pico Union Pipe Organ – Ty Woodward
Accordion – Phil Parlarpiano
Violin – Michael Stein
Other Thanks – Jetta Gordon, Tamar Gordon, Eve Gordon, Michael Gardner,
Paul Rapp, Mark Kligman, John Feldman, Ginger Warnes, Melissa Mykal, Michael A. Danchak, Louise Tilzer, Julie & Tom Hirschfeld, the McFadden family, David and Lisa Schechter, Joy Lewis, Ralph Marash, Jewish Theological Seminary, Rabbi Rita, Susan Wolfe, Ethan Bronner, Barbara Dean, Dan Klein, Henry Michelman.

My Father’s Songs by Myron Gordon